Northwest Kansas Juvenile Services

The primary goals of Northwest Kansas Juvenile Services (NWKJS) are to promote public safety, hold juvenile offenders accountable for their behavior and improve their ability to live more productively and responsibly in the community. Northwest Kansas Juvenile Services provides Juvenile Intensive Supervision (JISP), an Immediate Intervention Program (IIP), and Juvenile Intake and Assessment (JIAS). All services are directed at juvenile offenders ages 10-17. 

JISP is a court ordered probation program that is implemented after a juvenile has been found by a court to be guilty of a crime. The IIP program holds juvenile offenders accountable while allowing such offenders to be diverted from formal court processing, avoiding a criminal history. Following arrest, JIAS assists law enforcement in addressing the immediate needs of a juvenile. The programs offered by NWKJS address the risks and needs that contribute to reoffending.  

The programs also include:  

  • Community service
  • Regular contacts with other agencies that provide services such as counseling, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Routine drug testing
  • The Parent Project
  • Forward Thinking Cognitive Programming
  • Parenting Wisely